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Plastic corrosion preventive coating for surfaces of non-painted fender flares and car bottom.

Rust preventive product designed to treat fender wells before assembling plastic protection.
Used for overall and local protection of a car body and strengthens existing coating.

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1. Remove dirt, rust, and dust from the surfaces to be treated. 
2. Shake the can. 
3. Spray onto the surface at a distance of 20-30 cm. 
4. Apply 2-3 layers on the surfaces to be coated. Each next layer should be applied after short-term waiting. 
5. Wait 1-2 hours. Run your car or assemble plastic wings. 

The ambient air temperature while treating should be 60...70 F. 
Excess of PLASTICOR can be easily removed with VERYLUBE TAR STAIN REMOVER. 

500 ml — aerosol can (Art. XB 40125)


  • Highly resistant to chemical activity (weak acids, alkali, etc.).
  • Protects a car body from stone hitting, decreases noise and vibration.
  • Forms a thick volumetric coating possessing thixotropic properties.
  • Keeps high form stability (does not trickle down).
  • Resistant to the temperature up to 185 F.
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