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Vita Flush Cleaner
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Vita Flush Cleaner

VitaFlush Cleaner is designed to clean oil system of the fuel and diesel engines of all types (including the turbocharged engines) and transmission units. Completely cleans all deteriorations, resinous sediments and removes it with used oil.  Due to revitalizant restores up to 70% of lost metal. It applies during the oil change as a prophylactic for cleaning and protecting from wear-out.  Also it can be used as adaptive cleaner after changing the oil of a different viscosity (i.e. from the mineral on synthetic) or manufacturer. 

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Vita Flush Cleaner
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  • Add necessary amount of XADO Vita Flush Cleaner into the warmed mechanism though the oil filter.
  • Start an engine and idle run it for 10-15 min or drive 12 miles.
  • If deep cleaning is needed drive 124-186 miles.
  • Change oil and oil filter.


For a maximum effect use during every oil change.


Vita Flush Constant Usage Severe contamination
1 packet per
1L of oil
            2 packets per
               1.5L of oil
Cleaner 60 ml per
1L of oil
100 ml per
1L of oil

Xado VitaFlush compatable with all kinds of oil

  • Xado VitaFlush doesn’t have acids, acetone and dissolver
  • Save for nonmetallic parts of engine, lambda sensor and oxidation catalyst. 

  • Restores mobility scraper and compression rings. 
  • Eliminates the effect of the sticking hydraulic lifters. 
  • Cleans the system of crankcase ventilation.
  • Restores and protects friction part from wear-out.
  • Increases the power of engine.
  • Stabilizes the parameters of the oil pump. 
  • Cleans oil system of an engine (transmission units) from the pollution of any type. 
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