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Universal silicon lubricant
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Universal silicon lubricant

Silicone Grease is universal consistent silicone grease-spray. Lubricates and penetrates into the connections of all kinds of material (metal, plastic, rubber, leather and wood). Eliminates the squeak of  plastic dashboard, toolslide and belts. Restores the normal work of locks.

Can be used as a preservative anticorrosion agent for pulling ropes, blasts and lever arms. Due to polymolecular layer of silicone it has great repellant features. Protects rubber and plastic parts from cracking on the sun. 

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Universal silicon lubricant
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  • Shack the can.
  • Spray it into processing surface (part, connection).
  • If necessary wipe the surface with napkin.
  • If necessary repeat the processing. 


  • 320 ml – spray (Art. XB 40005);
  • 500 ml – spray (Art. XB 40105).



  • Cleans and returns a new look to plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces.  
  • Polishes and adds luster to dashboard, returns to it an original color, renews the look of vinyl upholstery and also handles the rubber of tires. 
  • Restores the elasticity of sealants.
  • Prevents from sticking the rubber to metal.  Returns the elasticity to grease-retainer. 
  • Prevents from the corrosion from sun light. 
  • Displace the moisture and dust, dries electrical contacts and creates antistatic layer.  
  • Prevents from freezing and icing of rubber closures of the car doors and sunroofs. 
  • Divides and protects the parts during manufacturing and oxygen gas welding. 
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