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NEW product for DIESEL TRUCKS!!!


We are glad to announce a new product soon to appear on US market - Atomic metal conditioner MAXIMUM FOR DIESEL TRUCK with 1 Stage revitalizant! It is specially designed for diesel engines of heavy-duty automobiles.

For the first time metal conditioner with atomic revitalizant solves two tasks simultaneously:

  • modifies the friction surface (owning to the revitalizant action);
  • improves lubricating properties of oil.

Such a result is possible due to the three-component formula of the compound:

  • 1 Stage Revitalizant forms a ceramic-metal coating on the parts’ surfaces, thus, restoring the operation surfaces and compensating the current wear of engine parts;
  • Metal conditioner strengthens the lubricating film, provides extra level of antiwear protection, perfectly combined with the revitalizant;
  • 2D Sliding Agent provides ultralight sliding between the engine parts.

Applying Atomic Metal Conditioner MAXIMUM FOR DIESEL TRUCK with 1 Stage revitalizant will bring you:

  • Restoration of surfaces of parts and compensation of the current wear;
  • Leveling and increase of compression in cylinders;
  • Increase of pressure in oil system up to the nominal one;
  • Reducing of noise and vibration level.

Soon will be available for sale on XADO USA official e-store!