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Due to atomic revitalizant and amplified additives package XADO oils possess unique operational characteristics. They not only protect friction surfaces of engine parts against wear, but are also capable to restore the current wear. Atomic revitalizant forms a diamond-hard ceramic-metal coating on the friction surfaces. This coating super effectively protects the surfaces against wear! Compression, power, economy of the engine will always be maintained at the highest level!

During revitalization a new protective ceramic-metal coating is formed on the surfaces of friction pairs. Revitalizant Worn
operating surface
The surface is
rebuilt with a ceramic-metal layer
Oil with revitalizant

After revitalization the parts will reliably serve you 2-4 times longer! The most important feature of the revitalized coating is its capability to self-regeneration. Even after 10 oil changes and operational time equal to 62,000 miles of run new scratches appearing on the operating surfaces will soon be closed!

The main distinctive feature of XADO oils is the presence of atomic revitalizant!